Primary Industries Served


Chemicals for use as key intermediates or processing chemicals in API manufacturing

Key Products:
MSA, MSC, MSAA, TosMIC, DCC, Triflics, Amino Acids

Varsal Advantage:

  • Sulfur products use DMDS route, which is cleaner, safer, and less carcinogenic than the methyl mercaptan route
  • Emphasis on QA / QC for pharma-grade quality
  • Ability to custom manufacture and 24/7 service
  • ICH 7 GMP compliant manufacturing facilities 

To prolong useful life and prevent corrosion (e.g. in a plating bath for electrolytic and electroless plating) 

Key Products:
HPA, MSA70, Tin MSA, Lead MSA, MSA Salts, Sodium Hypo

Varsal Advantage:

  • Low odor
  • Low oxidizables and chlorides ensure long life, stable solder deposits
  • Provides superior performance
Personal Care

Used as additives in cosmetic and shampoo formulas and as building blocks for flavors and fragrances

Key Products:
Amino Acids, DMDS, MSC, MSA

Varsal Advantage:

  • Clean manufacturing process
  • Impurity cleansing
  • High product quality
  • Custom formulation capabilities

Used in a variety of applications including coatings, polymers, lubricants, agriculture, oil

Key Products:
MSA, DMDS, MSC, IEM, N-octyl-pyrrolidone

Varsal Advantage:

  • Low waste and corrosion
  • High purity and stability
  • Effective germ / pest control
  • Custom synthesis capabilities