Custom Manufacturing


Through our capabilities and experience (∼70 patents), we can be your integrated supply chain partner by helping you:

  • Optimize asset utilization
  • Focus on strategic core competencies
  • Reduce raw material costs
  • Solve your logistics and raw material procurement challenges
  • Solve technical issues

VARSAL’s core custom manufacturing projects feature:

  • Small Scale Custom/Exclusive Synthesis for the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Contract/Toll Manufacturing of Fine and Specialty Chemicals
  • Custom blending and mixing for liquid and dry products.

Varsal offers custom synthesis as well as custom blending and mixing. Our capabilities include:

  • Crystallization-induced asymmetric transformation for chiral compounds
  • Highly selective halogenation (F, Cl, Br, I) of diols
  • Synthesis of alkynyl alcohols
  • Synthesis of disulfide compounds
  • Custom inspection and packaging
  • Customized specifications

Available Equipment:

  • 50 L to 5,000 L Glass / Stainless Steel / Titanium-lined reactors (Temperature for -40°C to 350°C, Pressure up to 150 atm, Agitated / Jacketed / Condensers Capability)
  • Chiller/Centrifuge/Dryer
  • Glass-lined / Solid Vacuum Distillation Towers
  • Fermentation Equipment